Lyssy For The Cuties

Alyssa Aizenstat’s influence of being born and raised in Miami, Florida has helped shape the jeweler and designer she is today. The art deco architecture and vivid colors that flood the city have substantially influenced the up and coming jewelry designer. In the summer of 2010, Alyssa obtained a GIA certified Graduate Diamonds diploma where she learned how to grade diamonds in the d-z color range, detect synthetics, treatments, stimulates and fracture filled diamonds, use the 4 c’s to promote diamond value, and confidently speak the language of diamonds to customers, suppliers and vendors.

May 2012, Alyssa graduated with her bachelor in Fine Arts in Jewelry Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. It was there which helped her expanded her knowledge and creativity to work with unconventional materials and formulate her design aesthetic. Experimenting with mixed materials such as acrylic and resins in her second year of attending Pratt institute was the influence of her first collection created in her fourth and final year at Pratt.

For her senior thesis collection, Alyssa created thirteen outlandish pieces that came together under the title, “No Prescription Required”, which was a study of wearable and sculptural medical functioning devices. With having the opinion that a disability or ailment is not limited to the crippling of oneself, She created original one of a kind pieces by reinterpreting 1800’s medical devices while incorporating her energetic and quirky style. After winning the distinction award for her senior critique, Alyssa plans on her knowledge of plastics by creating her next collection of acrylic and resin jewelry. Alyssa Aizenstat continues to create innovative pieces that push the boundaries of jewelry standards while maintaining her enthusiastic style and imaginative integrity.

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